Norah Guide Launches Blog Series on Moon Rituals: The Power of the Full Moon in Scorpio


Hello friends! If you are one of my wonderful followers on Tumblr then you see my daily forecasts where I talk about what the Moon is up to that day. You might also follow me on Facebook and have access to my daily wishes. If so, then you might see me on occasion offering wishes that you can make to the Moon. The Moon is powerful enough that you can wish to her every night, but the most powerful times to wish on the Moon are during certain Moon phases like the New Moon or the Full Moon. So what better time to launch a Moon ritual series than the day before of a Full Moon? None, I thought. So that’s exactly what we are going to do today. Yesterday we had the arrival of a Scorpio Full Moon, and this comes with the double whammy of a Partial Lunar Eclipse. So, to launch this exciting series on Moon rituals, today we are going to talk about this Moon. Some say it might be the most powerful Full Moon we get all year. It will have a red tinge to it even with the partial eclipse, and this is leading many astrologers to refer to it as the Pink Moon. The effects of the Pink Moon will be the strongest during the 48 hour period prior and after the height of the Full Moon, but they can last for as long as six months. In fact, things that happen in your life or changes that are made now could last for the next six month period, so be sure you enter this Full Moon phase with an open heart, and a clear intention for the changes you want this Moon to manifest. How can we do that? Well let’s talk about that. What does a Full Moon in Scorpio mean for you and your life? Let’s get to those answers. Continue reading

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Norah Guide Explains the Secrets of the Itchy Palm

How many of you went looking for horseshoes after last week’s blog? Today we have another wish post because I just couldn’t resist and I know how much you all like them. If you follow my Facebook page you will find that you can take this discussion much further over there where I am offering a daily wish every single day. You can catch them there or on my Pinterest boards, whatever suits your fancy. But what’s today’s wish? Got an itch? Well, you may also get a wish. Let’s have a look. Continue reading

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Norah Guide Explains the Secrets of the Horseshoe

It is no secret that horseshoes are good luck, but nobody really knows why. There are of course an abundance of theories on just the topic. If you are in our circles on Facebook then you already receive my Daily Wish Tip, if not, it’s never too late to join the bunch. There I discuss a new wish for you every day, and sometimes the origin of the wish as well. Here today though I am going to dedicate an entire blog to the lucky of the horseshoe. So let’s dive in! Continue reading

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Norah Guide Explores the New Moon in Pisces

Hello friends I hope that March has been good to you so far! If not, how can I help? Don’t forget that March is Reader’s Appreciation Month here with Norah Guide, so if you have any questions you’ve been wanting to ask but have been maybe a little bit too shy, now is the time! Drop on over to my About Me page to get more details on that! Today we are going to look at a key astrological event that occurred this week. If you already follow my Tumblr blog then you’ve been following my daily forecasts and know that we had a New Moon in Pisces this week on March 11. The events that occur in your life during a New Moon could have an effect for as long as six months after the fact. So as much as our day to day tips help during our daily forecasts, how do we deal with the New Moon in Pisces months after the fact? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today. Continue reading

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Norah Guide Explores the Personal Planets in Your Astrological Forecast

We’re going to switch gears for a little bit here because we have a few blog discussion series in progress right now regarding the planets. Knowing why these planets are important in a specific house is one thing, but it won’t help you too much until you know why these planets are important, period. So that’s what I’m going to talk about today, what planets are important in terms of your astrological forecast, and why. Continue reading

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Norah Guide Explores Sun Sign Compatibility Part Four

I hope that you have been enjoying the blog discussion series on Sun Sign Compatibility! Today we will wrap up this discussion, so if you haven’t seen your sign show up yet, fret not! Today we find out all about the best and worst matches for our wonderful friends Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Let’s get to it! Continue reading

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